Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes: Turn and Face the Strange

Incremental innovations and transformational innovation are common corporate terms. For a company to embrace the necessity of change needed to innovate, the company’s employees have to be adaptive. Can a company innovative without innovative people? Without the workforce, there is no innovation. In order to make a turn for betterment, the individuals that make up the company have to willing to evolve.

And If you want to move the meter within your organization, the change may need to start with you. My quest is to help challenge you to be ready for change. By critically analyzing the process of innovating one self, I hope to live out these recommendations as an example.

Have you incrementally innovated yourself? As a marketing professional, I’ve attended countless professional development events, participated in corporate leadership programming, and I’m completing my Marketing masters. These tireless efforts make up my life to date, but individually and collectively they make up for nothing more than incremental innovation.

Like that of any product innovation, there is time for incremental change and time for transformation. Sometimes life changes force personal transformational changes. If you think though your career there are likely a few times where you have made a transformational change to innovate yourself.

From David Bowie’s famous lyrics, “Time can change me, but I can’t change time.” It reminds me how we all have to commitment to change regardless of readiness. And it’s important to reflect on what level of self-innovation you are making. I know I am overdue for a transformational change to stay competitive.

Companies have to balance the percentage of time and resources to allocate to the core and adjacent business areas and how much should be justified for the areas of the business that are transformational.

HBR: Managing Your Innovation Portfolio, Bansi Nagji and Geoff Tuff (2012)


This same model could have meaning too for individuals. Over the past six years, I have focused the core and adjacent offerings I can provide to an employer. I’ve become a better writer. I’ve learned to manage high caliber client events. But I have not taken any risks to my personal portfolio in the transformation category.

We know changes are enviable. I am ready to seek out a transformational experiences. Is it time for you too to turn and face the strange?

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