Witnessing Innovation by the Thousands

Cerner Corporation, a healthcare IT company with technologies existent within 18,000 facilities worldwide, held its annual Cerner Health Conference (CHC) this week. The Kansas City Business Journal reports more than 14,000 attendees participated in the multi-day conference. The influx of people in Kansas City created an estimated economic impact to the city of 14 million dollars. And in a few cases, it’s predicted that Cerner’s largest client organizations spent 50,000 dollars or more to send attendees in mass to CHC.

Attendees from all over the world invest time and money into the show. It is an excellent opportunity to network and to be inspired by Cerner. I was one of the many Cerner employees and Cerner clients who sat in on the CEO Neal Patterson’s keynote at the Sprint Center, during CHC, pictured here:

Cerner Health Conference keynote

Days later, I visited Los Angeles and I was one of the limited number of fans able to see the new Steve Jobs film over the weekend – thanks to its initial small scale release only in Los Angeles. As a Steve Jobs admirer, I found the controversial new look at the Apple co-founder especially enlightening following my CHC experience. The movie is a montage of three reenactments leading up to Steve’s most crucial product release presentations.

Pictured here, Steve Jobs talks to the crowd similar to Cerner’s keynote size about Apple’s newest inventions:

Steve Jobs product launch

Today, even with the absence of Steve Jobs, Apple Inc. has millions of people watch the company’s infamous launch events in person and virtually. Enthusiasts for Apple or Cerner alike allocate resources and energy into these large events that, at its core, are nothing more than a vendor pushing products. Isn’t this a marketer’s dream? Attentive audiences with zero paid media expense.

Steve Jobs stated, “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” The entrepreneur spirit and the unrivaled innovation Cerner and Apple exert is why I believe both generate widespread attentiveness. And as The Little Black Book of Innovation describes, the word Innovation, in of itself, exudes optimism. Innovation helps us live happier, healthier lives. Apple and Cerner are industry leaders that have created a following because the company exudes innovation. People want to be inspired and be a part of the advancement and transformation of the future.

One of the most effective tactics a marketing teams can do is position the company as innovative. Author Scott Anthony says, “There is tremendous innovation energy with every individual and every company.” But even if a company realizes its full innovation potential, it has to be evident in the mind of the consumer. And that is one of many jobs of a corporate marketer. Companies need to exude an innovational spirit to have the backing of crowds of people on the edge of the seats, eager to learn what a company has to say.

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